Downgrade Milk Powder Management

What we do?

We buy all types of Downgrade, Off-Spec and Surplus Milk Powders from dairy processors, creameries, distributors and retailers internationally. We then recover these downgraded milk powders and blend them for use as ingredients in animal feeds. Reasons for downgrade and off-spec include; out of date, damaged packaging, old stock, fines, poor disc etc. We can handle all types of packaging from metal cans to 25kg bags and from big bags to lab samples.
Such products we buy include;  Infant formula & Baby foods, Sports Nutrition Powders, Adult milk powders, Whey Powder, Whole Milk Powder, Skimmed Milk Powder, Fat Filled Milk Powder, Casein, Whey Protein Concentrate and Lactose.

Our Advantages as a Buyer and Service Provider for Downgrade Milk Powders

Proven Track Record – We have removed and purchased downgrade and off-spec milk powders from many major milk powder businesses for over 25 years. We provide the most reliable and prompt service in the industry, this is reflected in our high contract renewal rate.

Price – Due to our forward vertical integration along with our large customer base we can capture the full value of the product. This allows us to return a competitive price to our suppliers.

Speed – Product is collected from suppliers within 24 hours. This frees up valuable warehousing space and gives a clean appearance for audits.

Save Time – By selling downgrade product to Millstream, sales teams save time by not having to compare or find customers for this off-spec material. Allows sales team to focus on their priorities……selling their intended flawless products.

Sampling & Testing – We can save our suppliers the inconvenience, cost and time of having to carry out mandatory ABP testing of downgrade product themselves before placing the product on the animal feed market.

Flexibility – We can simplify this area of your business by taking a wide range of other downgrade products i.e. samples, sweepings, dust, filter, tailings, cyclone,
lumpy and burnt material.

Security – Our site provides our suppliers with the peace of mind that their brand is safe and product won’t ever re-enter the human food chain. All packaging is recycled/destroyed in an environmentally friendly way.

Depackaging – We have a state of the art depackaging facility with machinery to handle many types of packaging.

Permits and Approvals – We are rigorously audited by numerous bodies including Bord Bia, FEMAS, QS and the Department of Agriculture. This helps us ensure the best service to our suppliers and highest quality to our customers.

Guaranteed Traceability – Comprehensive Herbst Software used to trace all product. Certificates of Disposal granted if requested.

Improve your Environmental Statement – The Food Waste Hierarchy is at the core of our philosophy. Animal feed is the greenest destination for downgrade and off-spec milk powders, it also is the most valorising recycling method.

Insurance – Millstream is insured specifically to collect, transport, process and mix downgrade milk powders for use as animal feed.