About Millstream Recycling

Millstream Recycling specialise in the removal of waste food and drink, by-products , downgrade, damaged and out-of -date materials from manufacturing, wholesale and retail premises. Products collected are converted into animal feeds, biogas, fuels and compost.

Our Recycling History

Millstream Recycling Ltd began life in 1995 as Millstream Power Ltd. Founder, Robert Hogg noticed that Irish Food factories were sending enormous amounts of waste food to landfill. There were 2 major costs to this; the dumping cost absorbed by the factory and the huge environmental cost of 1000’s of tonnes of food waste being buried beneath the earth’s surface. He knew much of this “waste” was not really waste at all, it had a value, a value as animal feed, biogas, fuel and compost. And thus, Millstream was formed, the first of its kind in Ireland.
Through the success of the company and partnerships with major food businesses throughout the country, Millstream Recycling has maintained its number one position in the food waste industry. By always staying one step ahead of the rest in terms of adaptability, quality of service and competitiveness Millstream will ensure its growth for many years to come.