Food Product Recycling

Millstream Recycling’s business is split into two main divisions.

Surplus Food Recycling

Animal Feed Material Supply 

Millstream Recycling Ltd specialise in the removal of all food and drink by-products from manufacturing, wholesale and retail premises.
Products collected are converted into animal feeds, biogas, fuels or compost at approved facilities.

Our Recycling History

Millstream Recycling has been in business for over 15 years.  Based in Clohamon, Bunclody, Co. Wexford we collect food for recycling throughout Ireland and distribute Animal Feeds in Ireland and the United Kingdom (UK).  Three generations of Hoggs work at recycling food for animal feed to improve our environment.  Without this service thousands of tonnes of food would be wasted in landfill. The Hogg family is also experienced in animal production and nutrition, producing pigs, pedigree Lleyn sheep and sport horses.

Our Animal Feed Products include:-
Bread Dough, Milk Powder, Caramel,
Pot Ale Syrup, Products from the Confectionery Industry
Products from the Bakery Industry, Oat feed

Millstream Recycling