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Dear Manager

Our aim is to provide a safe, secure and reliable surplus food removal service to our factories and distributors. We pride ourselves on having the highest quality service and compensation levels in the business. A bold claim, but one that can be backed up by the fact that we service many major food and drink manufacturers and wholesalers in Ireland. We offer bespoke collection services to both large and small surplus food producers.

Through our gathering of surplus food, by-products, downgrade, out-of- date products and products with defective packaging we provide our factories/wholesalers with value for such materials whilst simultaneously improving their green credentials.


The company owns a dedicated fleet of trucks that collect from manufaturers, distributers, retailers and facilities around the country. These include containers, compactors, skips, tankers for bulk liquids and curtain-siders for pallets.

Bespoke Collection

Wrapped and unwrapped products are removed quickly and efficiently from your site using the most appropriate collection method. In cases where equipment is returned, sanitization is guaranteed.

Disposability Certificates

Certificates of destruction
Supplied if requested


 In many instances we compensate you for the product which we remove. We offer the highest compensation rates in the industry.


95% of all product / waste is recycled in an eco-friendly way. All plastics and cardboard are separated from food products using state of the art machinery and recycled.

Health & Safety

Suppliers, operators are trained in health and safety methods when dealing with our containers and compactors on their premises.

The Food Waste Hierarchy

The Food Waste Hierarchy is the core of the Millstream Recycling philosophy. Whereas other food recyclers may primarily send material for anaerobic digestion or pet food, our first port of call is Animal Feed applications. This is more beneficial to the circular economy, meaning that you optimise your food waste and are more environmentally friendly in the process.

Handling Equipment

There is no one size fits all approach in the collection of surplus food. By assessing your current situation and identifying your individual needs, we tailor a collection solution specifically for you in order to ensure the most efficient removal of material.